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Myrnin Valkyrie

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Myrnin Valkyrie Empty Myrnin Valkyrie

Post by Myrnin Valkyrie on Tue Jul 05, 2016 5:32 pm

Myrnin Valkyrie  ( image goes here )

The Basics
Name: Myrnin Octavia Valkyrie
Nicknames: Crow (Amongst those in the Asylum), Reaper
Age: 17
Blood Status: Halfblood
Hometown: Ireland
Current Home: Asylum
Nationality: Irish
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wand: Alder, Argury tail feather with manticore hair, 11", Inflexible
It's pure black, the tip of it always appears to be covered in a light mist and when it's waved, sparks of red emit. There are indentations Myrnin has personally engraved into the wand; like runes she learned a child as well as a pentagram. Something she views as protection.

Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Wavy, will later get one side of it shaved.
Eye Color: Blue
Body Type: Skinny, muscular. She worked out a lot in the Asylum to pass time.
Height: 5'7
Other Distinguishing Features: Scars and burn marks all over her body, the burn marks are from cigarettes. She got the wounds from the Asylum but the scar along her left eye was caused by her mother.
Clothing Style: black leggings, baggy shirts (in the asylum) but once she's out, she wears skinny jeans and smart buttoned shirts with leather jackets, she wears combat boots and wears loads of jewellery. She likes bohemian styled clothing, it makes her feel free.

Likes: Blood, pain on others, riddles, knives
Dislikes: being contained, medication, the asylum
Weaknesses: Blood, can't trust easily, can lose focus quite easily
Strengths: Incredibly smart, photographic and Eidetic memory, amazing fighter
Positive Traits: Straightforward, observant, Loyal, protective, fearless
Negative Traits: Aggressive, reckless, stubborn, obsessive, blunt.

Father's Name: Arrawn Valkyre
Age: 38
Blood Status/Species: Demon
Occupation: Azkaban Inmate
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Aibell
Age: 37
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: None
Status: Deceased

Siblings N/A

Children: N/A

Spouses/Partners: N/A

Pets: N/A

Other Key Members: N/A

History: Myrnin didn't know much about the day she was born, apart from that it felt so cold that when she came out, her lips turned instantly blue and they couldn't really see much of her as the power went out, all candles having blown out when the windows slammed open. Her father, Arrawn, took pride in his little angel of a child, teaching her everything she knew to this age. Her mother despised her, hitting her as a child whenever her father wasn't around but he always seemed to know, coming home in a fit of rage aimed at her mother when she just sat there, repeating all the things her mother said to her until it stuck into her head. Over time, they were the only things she could say, rocking wherever she sat and staring at the blank wall. Over time, Myrnin began to mention Rohe and called her the Guardian of the Spirit world and would say to her mother whenever she was in the room, "They're coming for you, mummy." and that was all.

Myrnin only really spoke to her father, who told her all about what he was and what she was as well, telling her to be proud of the darkness within and that you shouldn't be afraid to let it out. After that, Myrnin began to come home covered in blood but she looked so completely happy, with the blood dripping from her mouth that her mother couldn't dare to look at her. The words then changed to "I'm coming for you, mummy." as Rohe, a simple voice in her head, told her to. Her father wasn't around much but when he was, she felt normal and sane and didn't have to contain herself, she could just be her. Her father expressed how much he hated his wife, having loved her years ago but seeing the cruelty she placed on her own child, caused him to hate her with such a passion, he began to convince Myrnin she needed to die.

[color=#000000][font=Courier, CourierNew, sans-serif]The day before Myrnin turned 11, her mother, Aibell, came into her room and wouldn't stop beating her to the point where the young girl's bedroom wall was covered in blood and Myrnin was about to lose consciousness when she heard a feral scream escape her body, her vision turning red as white hot fury filled her body and she practically ripped her mother to bits with her teeth and hands. Her father entered and told Myrnin to wash herself, clean off hers and her mother's blood. It wasn't long after when the police arrived, having recieved calls of a scream so loud that something was clearly wrong. He led them to the body, explaining how it was a savage animal but they didn't believe him. He was trailed for the murder of his wife, after seeing Myrnin's bruised and cut body, believing it was him that did it. But she screamed more, telling the police it was Rohe, begging them to take her instead and how the woman in her head told her to kill her mother, that it was she who would take her to the spirit world. She explained to the men that she told her mother whilst she ripped her apart that she had told her to listen for the harp, the one that was played by her mother's namesake, to signal her demise and when her mother choked out her last breath, she claimed she heard the bells.

She was classed as insane, thrown into the white padded cell of the Wizarding Asylum where she was chained at the wrists and forced a muzzle on her mouth as she tried to bite her nurses. They would inject her with drugs, making her groggy and sleepy but another inmate would tell her everything about magic, teaching her spells that she could use without a wand and without saying anything at all and Myrnin soaked it all up, having been able to cast spells in her cell and with the release of magic, she became calmer, she was still incredibly insane, but being allowed to release the magic inside of her, it calmed her down considerably to the point where when she was 17 years old, they decided it was time to give her a trail in Hogwarts. She knew she'd miss the Asylum, the inmates at least as the people who worked there abused them, except the Head of the Asylum. The inmates called her Crow, from the way she made a crow noise whenever one of the staff members arrived and when she told her story, about why she was there, they called her Reaper.

Myrnin couldn't wait to raise hell on earth, to avenge her father who was locked in a cell and to cause a little fun with her idol.

Family History: The Valkyrie family was built of purely Demons, Vampires or just purebloods. The species scattered around over the years, landing down to Myrnin's father who decided to break the tradition of loving either a demon or vampire and fell in love with Aibell, fathering Myrnin in the midst of their love but it wasn't long after, where their love was actually false and Aibell despised the child. He did have a lover years before, but she had broken his heart. Their family consisted of alchemists, assassins or basic madmen.

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Myrnin Valkyrie
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Myrnin Valkyrie Empty Re: Myrnin Valkyrie

Post by Myrnin Valkyrie on Tue Jul 05, 2016 5:36 pm

Myrnin Valkyrie Tomaccepted

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