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Characters of Ties Of Magic

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Characters of Ties Of Magic Empty Characters of Ties Of Magic

Post by Myrnin Valkyrie on Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:11 pm

Characters of Ties of Magic
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Adrienne Cambount
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Nina Kozlov
Orpheus Black 
Piper Harris
Rodion Vasiliev
Stella Black
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Tristan Capetian

Apollo Coffinberger
Colten Darcell
Dalia Slytherin
Elias Shaw
Eric Charleston
Hades Gaunt
Harry Potter
Ivan Feofan
Lucifer Chekov
Nathaniel Ralston
Viktor Petrov

Akeldama Soyinka
Aphrodite Lam
Camille Voclain
Cernunnos Largo
Dysmas Feofan
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Narkissos Jetson
Talia Stilldancer

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Amber Flint
Astoria Malfoy

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Caleb Asbury
Carmen Santiago
Cassiopiea Malfoy
Ciara McGee
Delilah Wilson
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Elijah Carson
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Lily L. Potter

Lizzie Night
Ryan Valois
Rose Weasely
Victorie Rhodes

Tristan Lycanthe
Mackenzie Riddle
Sophia Arabella
Carina Athena Malfoy
Serephina Mulciber
Dakota Rose
Tessa Di Angelo
Jace Arson
Darien Williams
Teddy Lupin


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