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Tessa Shaw

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Tessa Shaw Empty Tessa Shaw

Post by The Administrator on Tue Jun 21, 2016 4:16 am

Tessa Athena Shaw

Tessa Shaw ZSUaKJW

General Information
Name: Tessa Athena Shaw
Nicknames: Tess
Age: 25
Birthday: May 21, 1992
Blood Status: Pureblood and Werewolf
Hometown: Taunton, Somerset
Current Home: Taunton, Somerset
Nationality: English and Scottish
School: Hogwarts and Former Gryffidnor
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: 11 inches, Unicorn Tail Hair, Cedar

Hair Color: Medium Brown
Hair Style: Shoulder Length, Wavy, and Tends to Be in a side-part, but it really depends on she wants her hair being done.
Eye Color: Hazel Blue
Body Type: Slim and Somewhat Muscular
Height: 5.3
Other Distinguishing Features: Both her earlobes are pierced
Clothing Style: When it comes to clothing, Tessa is pretty much casual, and will most commonly be found in would be skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings, casual boots, converse, just normal outfits. Even though she is wealthy, she still dresses casual, and tends to not really put her wealth out there. Although when it comes to what she wears when she teaches, she will wear casual formal dresses, and a pair of high heels, and sometimes she will wear a robe. Even though she prefers dresses over robes, and tends to put the pureblood traditions behind her.

- Her family - Her main love is her family and she would never put anything before them, since she knows that she cannot be without them, and three years prior her father going missing. Which leaves the only parent she has being her mother, so she does her best to keep her family together, since her brother is too busy drinking at bar his sorrow away. Which means her family is her number one, and nothing would ever come between that.
- Her job - Tessa's job is her love and she enjoys doing her job, since it involves helping others, and she wants to make the world a more accepting place. Which means she does her best to teach her students how to be good people, and she does her best to not offend any students, because she is well aware that there are students who support the death eaters. Even though she does not agree with what they do, she tends to not offend her students, but in all truth she despises the death eaters.
- Reading Books - When Tessa is in her office, she had been most commonly be found reading a book, since she finds books are an amazing reading for her to learn, and also help her forget about what is happening. She most commonly will be reading mystery novels, romance novels, or just a sci-fi novel. Even though she likes mystery the most, since she thinks suspense is interesting and does it best to get involved with it, and she loves mystery in general.
- Traveling - One of Tessa's favorite things is traveling, and when she is on break, she does her best to travel, and perhaps meet new people, since she wants to explore the world. Since she finds some much more can be discovered and learned by traveling. Which means she does her best to convince her students to do that, and experience new things.
- Care for Magical Creatures - Tessa's loves animals and also loves teaching about them, and before she became headmistress, her degree had been in magizoology. Well Tessa had always loved animals, and had loved them her entire life, and even after she had been turned into a werewolf she still loved them. Which also is why she has a hundred billion pets at her house.
- Order of the Phoenix - Tessa strongly supports the Order and so does her family. Since she despises the death eaters, since she believes they took her father. Due to the fact that he never sided with them and wanted to get revenge on the Shaw's which resulted in them being hated by many dark wizards. Which means the true people she sides with is the Order.

- Death Eaters - Her biggest hate is for the death eaters, since she has a strong belief, that it was them who took her father away from her, and finds what they do to be wrong and in human. Meaning her problem is the fact they are cruel and heartless, in her mind, and she vows to do anything in her power to make sure they have an end. Since she finds the ministry simply cannot do that.
- Minister Markius Cambount - Tessa's hates Markius, since she knows that he sides with the death eaters, and how he lets them do what they do, and turning her away when she asked for help with finding her father. Which makes her believe that he sides with them, and is like a puppet to them, and just lets them control him. In many cases, she believes he is naive and not caring about his job, which in her mind is too lead the wizarding world to glory.
- Traditional Pureblood Society - Tessa is not a fan of traditional pureblood society, and finds it to be a stupid way for people to be forced to follow old ways and old ways of thinking. Despite being a very prominent, somewhat prestigious family, and having wealth beyond anyone else, and even being more rich than the minister. Tessa's parents made sure that their children were brought up accepting everyone no matter who they are, and being kind. Since it was a traditonal way of Shaw thinking which is be different, and be who you want. Even though still some members of her family value it.
- Dark Arts - Anything that involves violence, Tessa hates, even though she is quite skilled in Dark Arts, she still only will use it for attacking those who created it. Since Tessa knows how to use it, she tends only to use when she has. Even though generally she tends not use it, since she finds that people make no good use of it. As well as trying to teach others to defend against it, and anything that is associated with it she will not even waste the time with it.
- Golden Boys - She hates golden boys, since she finds they are not people one should date. Mainly, because her time at Hogwarts, she had experiences with golden boys. Which all ended badly for her, and she does not tolerate that attitude when it comes to her siblings, mainly her younger siblings, since for her three brothers, they were at Hogwarts, when she went there, so she tends to be over-protective when it comes to her sisters and who they date. Since there mom is not at school to tell them, so she makes it a point too.
- Lying - When it comes lying, Tessa is not a fan of it, and likes to be told the truth no matter how drastic it is, since she knows that it is better to tell it now, and somehow they can work through it. Her belief is the longer you put it off the less likely it will be easy to move through, and finds that lying gets you no where. Mainly because Tessa wants others to trust her and not think of her as someone they cannot trust.
- Cowards - Tessa hates cowards, since she finds that running from danger or your problems period, gets you no where, and never will get you anywhere. Which means she tends to be not a fan of anyone who is a baby and does not face their consequences, and does her best to make sure that none of her siblings end up being cowards.

- Her family - Her biggest weaknesses is her family since when it comes to losing them, she tends to become very vulnerable, when her family is at jeopardy. Which had happened when her father went missing, she began to be very impulsive, and not think things through. Meaning that her family can bring out her worst flaws, since they just mean the world to her, and she wants to do right by them. As well as also being her biggest strength, since they just bring the worst and best out her.
- Her werewolf powers - Tessa's powers tend to be quite powerful in her mind, and makes her weak, even though she knows she is more powerful. Since she knows that when her wolf is released, she tends to be very weak and in a weak state of mine. Even though she is not as weak as she is when it comes to losing her family, she just tends to hate it and also like it.
- Vulnerable - She has always been a very vulnerable person, and had also been her second biggest weakness, the first always being family, but when she is vulnerable, she is not herself. Since she does her best to hide her pain and put a smile on her face, and not think about anything, even though deep inside. She tends to be very vulnerable, and easily hurt, and tends to be quite impulsive.

- Leadership - Tessa is a natural born leader, there is no denying it, and she knows how to be a leader, and considers herself a damn good one at it. Since she knows that people need a leader and tends to be one of her biggest strengths, and she knows how to be on and is considered to be the biggest leader in her family.
- Family - Her biggest strength is her family, since they bring out the best in here, and also the worst in her to the point of where her worst comes out of her. She values family over everything, and believes that you can take everything away from her accept her family. Since she will not live without them, and she tends to be the best she can be for her family.
- Defensive Magic - Tessa is quite skiled at defensive magic, and tends to use it quite a lot, and finds that it should be used more commonly and she likes to teach others. Even though she loves Care for Magical Creatures more. Well mainly Tessa is quite skilled in defensive magic and dark arts, receiving Outstandings on her OWLS and NEWTS in those subjects. Which means Tessa knows what she is doing quite well, but prefers to use it over Dark arts
- Care for Magical Creatures - Tessa loves animals, and is very skilled when it comes with how they need to be handled. Since before she became headmistress, she had been teaching it for about a year, until she was offered the job. Since she knows how to handle animals, and finds animals were just like them, and tends to know quite a bit about them.

Positive Traits:
- Kind-hearted - Tessa has always been a very kind thoughtful person, and loves to inspire others to be kind. Even though she tends to also be quite honest and will be sure to tell you what you did wrong. As well as giving tough love, even though she is generally kind, and her reasons for why she does things is because she is kind.
- Determined - Ever since she was a little girl, she had been determined and, when she puts her mind to something. She will make damn sure of it to be done. Since she believes that in order to get something you need to fight for it, since life is not unicorn and rainbows, and that things don't  come by just asking. Even though she is rich, she still is not spoiled.
- Intelligent - Tessa has always been intelligent, and in many cases considered to be the smartest out of all her siblings. The second being her brother Ezra who is just as intelligent as she is. Since from a young age she had succeeded at mostly everything, she did and being a quick-learner, and is far intelligent above her years.
- Brave - Considered the bravest out of her siblings, Tessa is brave, and is not afraid of everything, well she is, but still she will not show it to anyone. Since she considered herself fearless, and will face whatever comes her way. Tessa is a warrior and she knows it, meaning that if something happens one better make damn sure Tessa doesn't find out.
- Honest - Tessa is honest and sometimes can be too honest, and when someone does wrong, she will be sure to let them know, since she is not scared of letting others know the truth. Since she finds honesty is the best policy, and lying is just stupid, and gets you no where. Also when it comes to when her siblings lie, due to her honesty, she will give tough love to them, and does her best to make sure her honesty is passed on to them.
- Responsible - She has always been responsible, and took care of what she had too. Since she was always careful with whatever she had to be careful with. As well as when it comes to knowing not to do something, she would not do it. Meaning she valued being good, and if she was irresponsible how would she be good. Since she knows it is important.

Negative Traits:
- Stubborn - Tessa is very stubborn, and when something happens, she will not let go of it, and she sure as hell, will not let them get away with it, since she doesn't like when wrongdoers get away with things. Which makes her tending not to let go of things too easily, and when one does wrong she will be sure that they know they did wrong, and know they have to fix it.
- Over-Protective - When it comes to her family Tessa is very overprotective, and she makes sure everything is alright, even if that means she has to have some of her staff do it. She will find a way to make sure of it. Since she does not want to lose anyone else like she already had done in the past. Meaning she will make sure her siblings are okay and not let anything happen to them.
- Ruthless - Tessa tends to be a bit ruthless, when it comes to her job, and when someone does wrong. Since if both of the people are guilty. She will not sympathy for them. Believing that one should not be coddled, if they do something wrong, and should be forced to face the consequences for the action.
- Impulsive - When Tessa is vulnerable, she tends to be very impulsive, since that is her lowest point, and it mainly comes when some drastic happens enough to effect her to be that way. Feeling that no one can help, and having hate for those who took what was hers from them, which was what she experianced three years prior.

Father's Name: Elias Alistair Shaw
Age: 49 ( would be 51 )
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood Werewolf ( Turned )
Occupation: Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation and Former Gryffindor
Status: Unknown ( Presumed to be dead )

Mother's Name: Cora Penelope Shaw ( nee Lowther )
Age: 51
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Turned )
Occupation: Hogwarts Professor and Former Gryffindor
Status: Living

Siblings ( name, age, blood/species, occupation, status, etc )
Older's Brother's Name: Casper Alistair Shaw
Age: 29
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Turned )
Occupation: Charms Professor at Hogwarts, Head of Slytherin, and Former Slytherin
Status: Living

Twin Brother's Name: Maxwell Eros Shaw
Age: 25 ( Younger By Four Minutes )
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Turned )
Occupation: Auror and Former Gryffindor
Status: Living

Younger Brother's Name: Atticus Theron Shaw
Age: 23
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Turned )
Occupation: Healer and Former Ravenclaw
Status: Living

Younger Sister's Name: Autumn Daphne Shaw
Age: 17
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Born )
Occupation: Hufflepuff Seventh Year
Status: Living

Younger Brother's Name: Gaston Ares Shaw
Age: 17
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Born )
Occupation: Seventh Year at Hogwarts
Status: Living

Younger Sister's Name: Madison Artemis Shaw
Age: 15
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Born )
Occupation: Fifth Year at Hogwarts
Status: Living

Younger Brother's Name: Ezra Brantley Shaw
Age: 14
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Born )
Occupation: Fourth Year at Hogwarts
Status: Living

Name: Ceres
Gender: Female
Age: 7
Species: American Eskimo Dog
Status: Living

Name: Penelope
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Species: Black Australian Shepard
Status: Living

Name: Peter
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Species: Border Terrier
Status: Living

Name: Tamika
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Species: White Maine Coone Cat
Status: Living

Name: Percy
Gender: Male
Age: 2
Species: Aeagan Cat
Status: Living

Name: Aeker
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Species: Bowtruckle
Status: Living

Name: Thorny
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Species: Knarl
Status: Living

Other Key Members:
Uncle's Name: Victor Francis Shaw
Age: 49
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Nurmangard Staff, Death Eater, and Former Slytherin
Status: Living

Uncle's Name: Roman Theron Shaw
Age: 47
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Turned )
Occupation: Head of Improper Use of Magic, Order Member, and Former Gryffindor
Status: Living

Uncle's Name: Reginald Lucifer Shaw
Age: 42
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Turned )
Occupation: Deputy Minister of Magic, Order Member, and Former Gryffindor
Status: Living

Uncle's Name: Trevor Hades Shaw
Age: 39
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Shop Owner, Order Member, and Former Gryffindor
Status: Living

Tessa grew up being the oldest daughter of Elias and Cora Shaw, which meant she got spoiled being the only girl, who had a twin brother who was four minutes younger. Well growing up was always good for Tessa, since she was able to have people to hang out, and have brothers who she was very close with. As well as being her parents pride and joy, since from a young age, Tessa was their favorite, since she showed bravery unlike her brothers. Which led to her often being able to argue with her brothers to get what she wanted, and when she was two she had gotten her little brother Atticus.

Who growing up she would be rather close with him, well aside from that when she was four years old, her first signs of magic, had started to show her first signs of magic. Which had been starting a fire when she had gotten mad, which had been put off quite quickly. Well in her mind, she believed her first signs of magic showing the fire. Would be how she would turn out, and she is fire, and has a fiery heart, and determined mind. Since she knew she was powerful, and had been brave.

Well her life had changed when she was six years old, when there had been a full moon, which would be the day her life and families life would be changed. Since that night her two uncles had came over for them to watch the moon, since it was also a lunar eclipse which her family had loved to watch together. Which had brought a werewolf pack who was there, and the names were not given. All Tessa truly remembers was being attacked, and hearing the screams of her family. Which ended in her waking up in St. Mungos, and had soon found out that her family had been turned into werewolves.

Which in Tessa's mind had been horrible, since now she was a beast inside, even though as years went on, she grew into it, and is considered quite a good werewolf. Well aside from that two years after that attack, she had two more siblings which would be her sister Autumn and brother Gaston. Which also turned into her becoming the responsible big sister she is today, since she always wanted to have a sister, but had finally gotten one which meant her years before Hogwart she would spend time with her sister. Who also had been born werewolf, alongside her brother Gaston.

Two years after, her sister had been born, Tessa had gotten another sister, who would also be the one she does her best to keep the most eye on which would be her sister Madison, who she also would grow to be close to. Who also was born werewolf, and had been Tessa's loves, since one could say she loved her sisters more than her brothers. Well when Tessa was eleven she had received her Hogwarts letter, which had made her happy since she heard stories from Casper, who had been a Slytherin, and a fourth year by the time she had gotten to Hogwarts.

When Tessa had gotten to Hogwarts, both her and Max had both been sorted into the family house of Gryffindor, where they both flourished, well Tessa had flourished more. Since ever since she stepped foot into Hogwarts, she had been bound for success, and being sorted into Gryffindor made her happy. Since that meant she could show she was brave, and fearless.

Her years at Hogwarts, had been consisting of her being top of her class in all of her classes, and even in Dark Arts, where she had not been a fan of, but still managed to do quite well at Hogwarts. Which also led to many people envying her and many would call her ignorant and snotty, and some could say she was. Well she had been one to take her studies seriously unlike many of her other housemates who were too busy taking risks. All of her studies had earned her prefect badge in her fifth year, which she took seriously which would be the year in which she would grow to want to pursue a career with animals.

Since she loved animals, even though she took all off the OWLS, she could which ended in her receiving all Outstandings, and people believing her to be destined to be successful. Which would bring her even more close, where should receive the position of head girl, which had made her even more prouder, since she knew from then she would be successful. Which had meant she had graduated from Hogwarts with Outstandings in everything on her NEWTS.

Her first couple of years after Hogwarts, would consist of her going to the university we she pursued a degree in Care for Magical Creatures, which all end too successfully. Since the year right after she graduated from Hogwarts, she had been accepted for a job as Care for Magical Creatures professor, but also would be a year where she would end up losing someone who mattered to her which was her father. Since one night after her parents had a dinner party, her father had mysteriously gone missing. Which would be a huge problem for her family, since it meant that they lost someone who mattered the world to them.

Also leading to there being much blame, and a hate for the death eaters. Who they believe was responsible for Elias's disapperance, since the last one to see him was a death eater. Aside from that a few months after the disappearance Tessa had been very vulnerable, and had been acting out, which all changed when she had gotten a call offering her the spot as headmistress. Which she instantly took, and had been the headmistress ever since then.

Three years after her father's disappearance, Tessa has had some weird feelings, and worries about her younger siblings, and that another tragic thing is coming upon them. Which she feels is coming, and is trying not to let it happen, but who says she can even stop what fate has in store, which means Tessa is believing her life is about to get interesting.

Family History
The Shaw family had been around since the early days of England, and had been descendants from an ancient line of royalty, as well as descendants from Merlin. Well the family had been started with a young wizard named Alexander Shaw, had been looking to start a name for himself, and hopefully have a successful family. Since he wanted to have his legacy live on and have it symbolize bravery. Which had been one of his main attruibutes, since he had been a slave boy who had escaped the clutches of his master, which would also be the first thing a Shaw must not do which was own a slave.

Well Alexander's bravery had been what gained him recognition as a eye in the royals, and soon marrying a noble women, who he would have two children with. One being his daughter who had been considered the bravest Shaw to ever live. Aside from all that, the Shaws have always been a prominent family, and had been the farthest thing from evil, since every Shaw was taught how to be a good person, and had been strong supporters of the good side since the beginning of their time. Leaving them too become a very wealthy clan, and considered royals, who had been friends with the monarchs of England.

As well as in many wars, where they would play many parts in being social, and some using magic to help them do well. Which meant the monarchs of England knew full well of their magic, and many had admired them, and used some members magic to help them with things they felt were beyond muggle hands. Then soon during the days of King Henry, the family had been having some evil members who had been trying to manipulate others. Which still consists in some family members.

Truly, the Shaw's are considered to be the wealthiest and most prominent family in England, aside from the royal family of course, who the family remains on good terms with. Since they have huge connections with them, and tend to invite them to dinner parties. As for those who went to Hogwarts most have been sorted into Gryffindor, but many had also been sorted into other classes, even though a majority being sorted into Gryffindor. Although in recent decades their had been many problems and much success for the Shaw family. One in being that they are the wealthiest wizarding family, and also subject to have had many scandals happen.

Although as off today their lives have not been the easiest, since the oldest Shaw had reportedly gone missing, which had been receiving no help from the ministry, and the only who cares are those who are loyal to the Shaws. As well as dealing with the fact that some are werewolves, and have had many problems. Which means recently the Shaw family had been turning into a mystery for the members, which is going to get more interesting in Tessa's mind.

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