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Casper Shaw

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Casper Shaw

Post by Silas Shaw on Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:40 am

General Information
Name: Casper Alistair Shaw
Nicknames: Cas
Age: 29
Birthday: October 31, 1986
Blood Status: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Turned )
Hometown: Taunton, Somerset
Current Home: Taunton, Somerset ( Shaw Manor or Hogwarts )
Nationality: English and Scottish
School: Hogwarts and Former Slytherin
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: 12 inches, Dragon Heartstring, Blackthorn

Hair Color: Medium Brown
Hair Style: Casper's hair is somewhat messy, but is generally styled nicely, and when he doesn't he keeps it straight. His hair always remains short most of the time though.
Eye Color: Dark Blue and is piercing
Body Type: Casper is well-built and has a pretty athletic body, which he tends to keep for the ladies, and he has muscle, so you could say he is quite fit.
Height: 5.9
Other Distinguishing Features: He has some stubble on his face, and he has quite a few scars. One from where he had been attacked by a werewolf when he was ten years old. Also has some scars on his body from getting into fights, and three from when he got into a car crash a couple years prior. He also has two tattoos which are in honor of his father, which is a puzzle piece with his father's name. Then another which was of his father's werewolf form which is located on his side, and the puzzle piece on his forearm. He also has a three other tattoos one which is off his motto which is " Memories cannot be replaced " which he got on his side which was in honor of his father. Also he has one on his shoulder which is off the werewolf symbol. Generally he has tattoos for meanings of what happened in his life.
Clothing Style: Casper generally wears average casual clothing, which is usually a pair of jeans, shirts, jackets, boots, mostly jeans and boots, and can be seen wearing flannels or buttons downs. Truly whatever phases him, and when he teaches he tends to wear nice suits, and for formal occasions he will nice suits. Even though he generally dresses in pretty average clothing, since he truly does not care anymore, and prefers to look baddass instead.

- Girls - Casper loves girls and he loves to sleep with them, since he considers himself mister sex, or the master of love. He loves them, and he loves breaking their hearts. Since he tends to not be committed, and has yet to find a lasting relationship. Which he is fine with, since he is totally okay with being a werewolf bachelor. Finding that his family is just seemingly falling apart as days go on, and he just is fine with being single and being able to sleep with whoever.
- Money - He loves money and he also loves earning it, since he loves being worth so much. Even though he does come from a good family, he tends to be the most ignorant out of the bunch. Since he loves having money, and loves to buy things. Even though he does tend hate snotty rich people even though he is a snotty rich person, and loves his money.
- Charms - Casper had always loved Charms, and he is highly skilled in Charms as well, he loves to teach the younger generation how to be an amazing at Charms. Also he loves to show himself off, and anyone who knows him knows he loves to showoff and loves to have connections, and tends to use his charms for many others. He also just loves how charms work, and he loves enchanting things, so he finds it to be quite interesting and is very good at it.
- His family - Despite his very ignorant attitude, his family does mean the world to him, and before his father's mysterious disappearance, he used to not be so ignorant. Even though he finds that these past couple of years have been hell for him. Which means he has tended to care about his family a bit more. Since he know realizes that not everything last forever.
- Drinking - Casper loves drinking and tends to drink his life away, since he has found nothing is going well for him, and that he feels better when he drinks. Which means he finds himself tending to be more drunk, since he is more calmer drunk, instead of being sober. Meaning when he goes to work, he tends to be drinking before classes, so he could be more calmer, and for the most part acts pretty normal. Even though many have started to catch on to what he was been doing.
- His powers - Ever since he was turned, he had always enjoyed being a werewolf, since he had felt it was interesting to be different than just a wizard. Which means he tends to take his beatness quite seriously, and he loves being with his pack. Since he actually feels like he can forget about everything when he is with them.

- Commitment - Casper cannot stand commitment, since after his father went missing, he had lost much respect for what he used to have, that relationships should between two people, and no one else. Which means he lost his touch for being who he was, and he was committed, until his father went missing and in his mind his life started to become shitty.
- Traditional Pureblood Society -  Just like his younger sister, Casper despises pureblood society well the old traditions of it anyway, and being forced into marriages, one did want to be in. Forced to hate others since they were not of one blood type. He had nothing against muggles or anyone and knows enough people to hate it, and is thankful his parents are not like that.
- Dark Arts - Even though he is fairly skilled at Dark Arts, Casper tends to not use it much, since he does not want to hurt others, and when he does it will generally be against one who deserves it. Since he had been quite skilled with it, and tends to only use it for those purposes and not for anything dark.
- Death Eaters - Casper may be nice to them, since he is not want to come out and be mean. Even though as many of his family members do, which they hate the death eaters. Since after their father's mysterious disappearance, the hate for death eaters have gone quite well. Meaning they despise them, and want to see the end for them. Since he knows how evil they are and knows that the two leaders are very crazy, and he vows to see the end of them.
- Witch Hunters - Anyone who dares try to take down his race, he is not a fan of them. Which in all ways means that he will be sure if he could he would see the demise of them. Meaning unlike his sister, he had traveled after Hogwarts, and had from traveling he knew those and had connections in many places. Which means he is more connected then his younger sister is, and some of the connections he made he is not exactly a fan of them.

- Drinking - After his father had gone missing, Casper had began to develop the fact that he is an alcoholic. Which has spent most of his life after his father's disappearances in bars. In which has recently gotten on his sisters nerves, since this is huge downfall, and he is well aware of it being his biggest downfall. Meaning he has a serious drinking problem.
- Commitment - He can't be committed, and had lost touch for many things after that party. Since he had been a good man, who was a good guy before his father's disappearance. Who could actually last in something and always be committed. Until that night where his life would be changed forever and tends to lose touch in many things after a while.
- Vulnerable - Casper is probably more vulnerable than his younger sister, since unlike his sister, he still is trying to recover from his father's disappearance. Since he had been very close with his father, and tends to be quite defenseless, and weak. Which he tends to hide with drinking his life away and not giving a care anymore.
- His family - The main root for many of his problems, is the fact that his problems happen. Since he loves his family too much, and tends to believe that he cannot go without his father. Even though he knows damn well his father, would want him to move on and attempt at living his life without problems.  
- His powers - Casper's powers are his biggest strengths, and is what aside from drinking helps him forget about his father, since when he is hunting with his pack. He tends not to think about what is going on, and just off hunting. Since when he is off work, he tends to go were his pack is generally.
- Charms - Ever since he started Hogwarts, Casper has always been skilled with charms. Finding it to be quite useful, and achieving outstandings when it came to his charms work. Since he loves to teach others about charms, and he just admires how it works and everything. Meaning that out of all of the magics Charms is clearly the one he is simply best at it in his mind.
- Tends to be a good liar - When it comes to him having to lie Casper would probably say he is the best liar that comes, even though he does prefer honesty. He tends to lie when it comes to something being rather drastic happening to his family. Or perhaps losing something, so he tends to think quickly and does a good job at lying.
- Very charismatic - Charisma is one of his biggest strength, since he tends to find a way to get any girl he pleases. Since he believes he has the looks and has the personality. Even though one could say he is an heartbreaker, but he finds he is good at that. Since he finds being charismatic comes as a second nature to him.

Positive Traits:
- Ambitious - Casper has a strong ambition in which he tends to use for him furthering himself in his career, since he wants to be the best at what he does, and ever since he was younger, he had also wanted to be successful. Which makes him has big dreams, he will do anything to be sure to reach that.
- Resourceful - When it comes having to get himself out of situations, Casper tends to find a quick solution each time. Even though he tends not to care about the price it will cost him. Since if it means dying to do what is right to find a solution, one can be damn sure that he will do that, and gets out of problems quite easily.
- Sociable - Casper loves to talk to people, and tends to be quite a sociable person. Which means he has many friends, and also has many enemies, since he tends to meet them through his social endeavors. Tending to be the most social out of his siblings, well the one who gets the most connections.
- Loyal - When it comes to his friends and family, he is extremely loyal, and would do anything for them. Since he was taught that he should be loyal to those who matter most to them. Even though when it comes to women and being committed he tends not to be committed to them, and will end up most likely cheating on them.
- Brave - Casper has a lot of bravery and tends to be too risky than his sister. Even though his sister tends to be more braver than him, but he is quite brave. Which means he does not back down from anything.
- Charismatic - Due to his good looks, and his piercing blue eyes. As well as words, can mark that he is very charismatic, and always had been quite charismatic. Which had always make the women swoon, since he knew just how to make them like him. Well one could say he somewhat prince charming.

Negative Traits: ( Min 3 )
- Arrogant - Casper is quite your average arrogant rich boy, believing he can get what he wants easily.  Even though sometimes girls do not fall for it, and he does tend to have an over-confident attuitude.
- Cunning - He is quite deceiving when it comes to some things, since he believes, that in order to get those who are evil to believe you, you must first act like them. Even though he tends to be quite sneaky when it comes to those who do wrong, but he is quite sneaky.
- Manipulative - Casper loves getting his way, when it comes to multiple things, since he finds that they tend to be what get on others nerves, so he does everything in his power to be quite manipulative.  

Father's Name: Elias Alistair Shaw
Age: 49 ( would be 51 )
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Turned )
Occupation:Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation and Former Gryffindor
Status: Unknown ( Presumed to be Deceased )

Mother's Name: Cora Penelope Shaw
Age: 51
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Turned )
Occupation: Hogwarts Professor and Former Gryffindor
Status: Living

Younger Sister's Name: Tessa Athena Shaw
Age: 25
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Turned )
Occupation: Hogwarts Headmistress/Order Member and Former Gryffindor
Status: Living

Younger Brother's Name: Maxwell Eros Shaw
Age: 25
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Turned )
Occupation: Auror and Former Gryffindor
Status: Living

Younger Brother's Name: Atticus Theron Shaw
Age: 23
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Turned )
Occupation: Healer and Former Ravenclaw
Status: Living

Younger Sister's Name: Autumn Daphne Shaw
Age: 17
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Born )
Occupation: Hufflepuff Seventh Year
Status: Living

Younger Brother's Name: Gaston Ares Shaw
Age: 17
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Born )
Occupation: Seventh Year at Hogwarts
Status: Living

Younger Sister's Name: Madison Artemis Shaw
Age: 15
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Born )
Occupation: Fifth Year at Hogwarts
Status: Living

Younger Brother's Name: Ezra Brantley Shaw
Age: 14
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Born )
Occupation: Fourth Year at Hogwarts
Status: Living

Other Key Members:
Uncle's Name: Victor Francis Shaw
Age: 49
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Nurmangard Staff, Death Eater, and Former Slytherin
Status: Living

Uncle's Name: Roman Theron Shaw
Age: 47
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Turned )
Occupation: Head of Improper Use of Magic, Order Member, and Former Gryffindor
Status: Living

Uncle's Name: Reginald Lucifer Shaw
Age: 42
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood/Werewolf ( Turned )
Occupation: Deputy Minister of Magic, Order Member, and Former Gryffindor
Status: Living

Uncle's Name: Trevor Hades Shaw
Age: 39
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Shop Owner, Order Member, and Former Gryffindor
Status: Living

History: Casper was the first child born to Elias and Cora Shaw, and Casper had his life of privileged. Since he had always gotten what he wanted for the first four years of his life since it was just him. Since his parents had showered him in affection, and could get anything he wanted, leading him to be the most arrogant out of his siblings aside from his sister Madison. He was the one who was the most cunning, but it seemed to be his sister was turning into. Well when he was four years old, Casper had gotten two siblings his sister Tessa and brother Max who he loved, but still mad that he was no longer the center of his parents attention.

Leaving him to have to share his attention with his siblings, even though truth be told his sister would be the only one who would understand him, and help him. Aside from that he did enjoy his siblings, since he found they were his people he knew he would have to protect. Then three years after that his brother Atticus was born, and would also result in three years after that where there life would change. Since when he was ten he and his entire family would be attacked by a pack of werewolves, where each of them were turned into one.

Leading him to the current state he is in, well the year after he went to Hogwarts. Where he had been sorted into Slytherin where he flourished and mostly done well in Charms and Defensive Magic. As well as being quite skilled in Dark Arts, but would never use it. Well when he was in his second year he had recieved two more siblings which were his siblings Autumn and Gaston, even though he was quite happy to have another sister he knew he had to protect. Also leading to be what he would have to protect. Then in his fourth year having had another sibling who he would end up having to look out for the most.

His years at Hogwarts were good, since he recieved prefect, but nothing really any then that. Even though his sister would end up doing much better than him. Since during his Hogwarts years he got four new siblings, which tending to protect the most. Aside from that Casper had graduated Hogwarts with Outstandings on his OWLS and NEWTS. Which led him to pursue a career in Curse Breaking, since he was quite skilled with Charms. Which he would do after he graduated college and when he was twenty two he pursued the career, which at age twenty-four he left went to teach at Hogwarts.

Where he would be teaching to this day, and when he was twenty-six his father went missing after a party, which would be what would lead to him growing to have a drinking problem. Which was also the year where he got promoted to head of Slytherin and his sister became the headmistress and leading him to have a revenge on those who took his father, trying to cope with drinking problem.

Family History:
The Shaw family had been around since the early days of England, and had been descendants from an ancient line of royalty, as well as descendants from Merlin. Well the family had been started with a young wizard named Alexander Shaw, had been looking to start a name for himself, and hopefully have a successful family. Since he wanted to have his legacy live on and have it symbolize bravery. Which had been one of his main attruibutes, since he had been a slave boy who had escaped the clutches of his master, which would also be the first thing a Shaw must not do which was own a slave.

Well Alexander's bravery had been what gained him recognition as a eye in the royals, and soon marrying a noble women, who he would have two children with. One being his daughter who had been considered the bravest Shaw to ever live. Aside from all that, the Shaws have always been a prominent family, and had been the farthest thing from evil, since every Shaw was taught how to be a good person, and had been strong supporters of the good side since the beginning of their time. Leaving them too become a very wealthy clan, and considered royals, who had been friends with the monarchs of England.

As well as in many wars, where they would play many parts in being social, and some using magic to help them do well. Which meant the monarchs of England knew full well of their magic, and many had admired them, and used some members magic to help them with things they felt were beyond muggle hands. Then soon during the days of King Henry, the family had been having some evil members who had been trying to manipulate others. Which still consists in some family members.

Truly, the Shaw's are considered to be the wealthiest and most prominent family in England, aside from the royal family of course, who the family remains on good terms with. Since they have huge connections with them, and tend to invite them to dinner parties. As for those who went to Hogwarts most have been sorted into Gryffindor, but many had also been sorted into other classes, even though a majority being sorted into Gryffindor. Although in recent decades their had been many problems and much success for the Shaw family. One in being that they are the wealthiest wizarding family, and also subject to have had many scandals happen.

Although as off today their lives have not been the easiest, since the oldest Shaw had reportedly gone missing, which had been receiving no help from the ministry, and the only who cares are those who are loyal to the Shaws. As well as dealing with the fact that some are werewolves, and have had many problems. Which means recently the Shaw family had been turning into a mystery for the members, which is going to get more interesting in their mind.

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Re: Casper Shaw

Post by Silas Shaw on Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:20 pm

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