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Desmond Barnes

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Desmond Barnes Empty Desmond Barnes

Post by Desmond Barnes on Wed Jul 13, 2016 5:12 pm

Desmond Barnes  ( image goes here )
The Basics
Name: Desmond Jonathan Barnes
Nicknames: Des, Jace, Ghost, Barnes
Age: Looks 25, is 105
Blood Status: Half blood
Hometown: Brooklyn, NYC
Current Home: Brooklyn or Illvermory
Nationality: American
School: Illverymory
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wand: 12", Sequoia wood, Phoenix tail feather and Griffin Claw, Inflexible. The design of Desmond's wand is different to him, for it is simple and he is more complex. The wood of the wand is a dark red and towards the tip it turns into a smoky black. The handle of his wand is also the head of a phoenix, his patronus and on the top of it's head, it holds the symbol of Illvermory school.

Hair Color: Dark brown
Hair Style: Short
Eye Color: Blue
Body Type: muscular
Height: 6'2
Other Distinguishing Features: Scars on his back from two years of torture
Clothing Style: Dark shirts and jeans, leather jackets but when hes at school, he wears suits.

Personality ( this contains likes, dislikes, weaknesses, strengths, etc, and be as detail as you can be, since we want to know your character )
Likes: Illvermory, Dogs, Smoking and Drinking (Doesn't do this in front of students), he also likes fighting people.
Dislikes: Paperwork, being pressured, pointless arguments, being told to stop smoking, being told to not have fun.
Weaknesses: Illvermory, smoking, puppies.
Strengths: His protectiveness, his strength, incredibly smart, photographic memory, quick thinker
Positive Traits: Considerate, Lively, trustful, Enthusiastic, straightforward, Fearless
Negative Traits: Possessive, can be rude, very bad temper, reckless

Father's Name: Abraham Barnes
Age: 84
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Soldier
Status: Deceased

Mother's Name: Dahlia Barnes nee Rogers
Age: 81
Blood Status/Species: Muggle
Occupation: Florist
Status: Deceased

Siblings N/A

Children: N/A

Spouses/Partners: N/A

Pets: Rex, 6, German Shepherd, Living. Cerby (Cerberus), 2, German Shepherd, Living. Ares, 3, Caucasian Shepherd, Living.

Other Key Members: Living

History: Desmond doesn't speak much of his past, only that he was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York by Dahlia and Abraham Barnes. He wasn't meant to be an only child, he in fact was supposed to have an older brother but he unfortunately was a stillborn. As a child, Desmond was lighthearted, cheeky and always joking around, making his parents laugh whenever he had the chance but as time rolled on, he became the classic teenager; all that was on his mind was girls and guns as well as maic which was something his father could relate to. Because even being married to Dahlia, he still slept with other women especially when he was away on tour with the army. His mother never knew but Desmond did, having spotted him with a woman he worked with and ever since then, he avoided any relationship. He could not have dealt with the pain his mother would've felt if she knew. He believed it was difficult for his mother though, being a magic-less woman whilst her husband and son had private lessons on the matter making him the perfect wizard when he was home from Illvermory.

When Desmond became the right age, he had to say goodbye to the diners with his friends and goodbye to the nightly dances with the most beautiful women and say hello to War. Being a man of War was something Desmond had always dreamed of, helping those who needed him and making sure his home had freedom and peace like it deserved. However, after five years in the Army, he was captured along with the rest of his regiment by the unknown enemy. It didn't take long for him to find out that the enemy was vampires, having used the excuse of war to capture any humans for blood and make sure no suspicions arose. But when Desmond found out, he was instantly chained and lashed 100 times every day, healed only slightly so he didn't die. This lasted two years, the war almost over but he survived, unlike his regiment who died within the first six months. They kept him, for a reason he still did not know and as it grew closer to the two year mark, a female vampire entered the clan and felt pity for Desmond, secretly changing him into a vampire and blaming it on a newborn, the clan killing the newborn instantly before letting him free.

Adjusting to the Vampire life was difficult, having been given a charm where he could go into the sun, Desmond found he didn't want to find his family. After the two years, he had already figured they'd believe he was dead so he travelled, to find ways to calm the bloodlust. But he kept tabs on his family. He'd tell you how he would come back home and see how they were and how he came back every time at the worst of times. The first time, he found his mother crying in his bedroom at the news of his death and his father escaping to drown his sorrows in the bed of a woman. The second time, his mother coming home from a late shift to find his father sleeping in their bed with a different woman, her sister to be exact. The third was the divorce, his father crying as his mother took all of his money, only to then kick him out. The fourth, his father in a motel with any women he could find even at an old age but his mother, his mother was happy. She had found love in Desmond's old commanding officer, an old man who spoke highly of Desmond and who Desmond had already viewed as a father figure. The fifth, his mother's death, the old age having crippled her completely but she still clung to the memories, like she promised when she cried over his death. The sixth, his fathers but it wasn't old age. No. He died from a drug overdose, a mix of both muggle and wizard drugs that killed him almost instantly but only after it forced him to look back at his entire life and then die. It had been called Judgement.

Desmond never returned home, the Barnes family line having been killed off apart from himself and he decided to go into teaching, having received a request from the old Headmaster. He spent a while teaching, being more of a older brother type to his students before the old headmaster suddenly passed away. In his will, he requested that Desmond took his place and as a man who had seen too much death and sorrow, he accepted, wanting to bring peace to the headmaster who taught him so much. He now spent nearly every second of the day trying to make Illvermory a safe haven but a place where people can have fun and not have to worry about the outside world.

After a while of being the Illvermory headmaster, he grew lonely and as if by magic, she appeared. A girl he forced himself to call his little sister and feel the swell of pride within him, as well as the sharp pain in his heart that indicated how much he loved her. Mare Morel. A fiery little woman, a princess. No. A queen to him and only him. He found himself wanting to be her knight, her sword and her shield even if he knew she could handle herself but he wanted to be there for him. He grew closer to her, practically begging to protect her like  a knight protects their Queen. He wanted to make sure she always knew he was there, whether she wanted him or not. He was in love, to a woman he could never claim for himself.

Family History: The Barnes family had consisted of purebloods until Abraham, Desmond's father, decided to marry a muggle. This caused a large riot within the family and caused it to be completely split, Abraham's mother's side siding with him, unlike his father. Dahlia's family however was a sweet, kind family who accepted Abraham, despite his secret past and they made a life together. Dahlia, despite having married into a rich family, wanted her own business so she opened up a florist, instead of working in the cafe her family ran. Desmond spent most of his time in both places as a child, hence his great knowledge for flowers. His photographic memory having come in handy over the years. Desmond adored his family, despite his father's infidelity and his mother's complete obliviousness but he couldn't tell her, he refused to be the one to cause her pain, even if it was his father's fault.
Desmond Barnes
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