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muggle baby mama wanted!!

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muggle baby mama wanted!! Empty muggle baby mama wanted!!

Post by Cernunnos Largo on Thu Jul 14, 2016 1:56 am

Okay, so if you have read Cernu's one-shot, you would know he went to some party hosted by a former Muggle classmate, who also happens to be the requested character's older brother, which had many of his former classmates and students from rival schools there. Later on at the party when people were starting to like hang around or be taken somewhere with designated drivers, Cernu happened to have been really drunk an accepted an offer for sex from a intoxicated girl who he had attended school with. As the title states, she ends up his baby mama. She comes from a rather conservative family that upholds various standards such as premarital sex being a sin and stuff like that. However, she and her brother are more tolerant than they are when it comes to many things. Also, she has no clue that he's a wizard. I think you get the gist. Below are generally details about her character.

Name: Caroline (Any other part of her name is up to whoever takes her)
Age: 16 (Since she went to school with him, I'd assume that she was/is in the same graduating class as him.
Personality Traits: Shy, sweet, generous, open-minded, innocentish, any other traits up to whoever takes her as long as they make sense with the traits listed
Face Claim: Emma Bunton (in her Baby Spice days)
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muggle baby mama wanted!! Empty Re: muggle baby mama wanted!!

Post by Aphrodite Lam on Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:57 pm

bumping bc itd be p cool to have her tbh!!!

muggle baby mama wanted!! Tumblr_mzqfeucVCG1qfcoawo1_500
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