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Akeldama Soyinka

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Akeldama Soyinka  Empty Akeldama Soyinka

Post by Akeldama Soyinka on Thu Jul 14, 2016 8:44 pm

Akeldama Soyinka  Queen-of-the-damned-pic-aaliyah
The Basics
Name: Akeldama Soyinka
Nicknames: Queen Akeldama
Age: 115,000 (Appears to be around 22/23)
Blood Status: Pureblood, Vampire
Hometown: Thought to be somewhere around modern day Egypt; mainly unknown
Current Home: Usually at the council's castle in Rome, Italy; she also has a home in Egypt
Nationality: Transcends them
School: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Wand: Birch, serpent scale, 9 1/4", supple, a dark shade of cerulean with a pattern resembling serpents

Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Long,
Eye Color: Brown, however, she likes to keep them bright green
Body Type: Slim, fit
Height: 5'7
Other Distinguishing Features:
Clothing Style: Warrior style outfits inspired by various ancient cultures accompanied with rather intricate headdresses; however, she usually wears flowing robes for convenience

Personality ( this contains likes, dislikes, weaknesses, strengths, etc, and be as detail as you can be, since we want to know your character )
Likes: Blood, romance novels, education, poems, ancient magic, teaching, helping others, more discovered through RP
Dislikes: Daddy Lam (STILL don't know his name), abusive people, seeing people treated unfairly, watching young vampires fight to the death, really rude people in general, Marley and Me (because it made her cry), more discovered through RP
Weaknesses: Seeing vulnerable people, opinions of the majority, always being stuck with no say, more discovered through RP
Strengths: Intelligence, her gut instinct, being able to hide vulnerable parts from others, more discovered through RP
Positive Traits: Wise, caring, protective, nurturing, more discovered through RP
Negative Traits: Lack of ability to be able to change things no matter how much she tries, cries easily, jumps to conclusions easily, more discovered though RP

Father's Name: Unknown; lack of records
Blood Status/Species:
Status: Deceased

Mother's Name: Unknown; lack of records
Blood Status/Species:
Status: Deceased

Siblings N/A


(Adoptiveish daughter)
Name: Esmeralda Lam
Age: Old
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood, Vampire
Occupation: Vampire Council Member (sortaish in training still i guess)
Status: Living

Spouses/Partners: N/A

Pets: N/A

Other Key Members: N/A

History: Much of her early history is unknown, partly due to a real lack of record keeping later on down the road and due to Akeldama opting to not say much about it. There is really no clear consensus on where her birthplace may be as some people guess around modern day Egypt although some will go as say that she could possibly be from modern day Kenya. She felt as though it would be better not to say so as a way to help protect her from threats that may come from pissed vampires. There are many rumors as to how she might've been reared as a child, but she neither confirmed nor denied them. She decided to make it a thing to just be mysterious about her very early years to serve as an advantage and not be so much of an open book.

A bit later on growing up, she had met a girl a bit younger than yet named Glykeria. They immediately clicked and became friends rather quickly often confiding to each other about their secrets. Due to their different races, quite a few people at the time had judged them on their friendship with the judgment slowly going away as time had passed. She had always heard of Glykeria's wishes to be married to a nice man and she sincerely wished that would come true. However, once her friend had gotten into an arranged marriage, Akeldama was happy for her at first, but she ended up getting a real bad feeling about it. why would she get such bad vibes over something her friend would end up happy over? After Glykeria had gotten married, Akeldama began to hear horrible stories from her about him such as how he's a huge jerk. She really couldn't believe her gut feelings was right; she began to pity her dear friend.

Whens she found out that Glykeria was expecting her first child, she became fearful. What if she ends up giving her asshole of a husband an heir? That possibility freaked her out as she believed that he didn't deserve an heir to his blood. She was relieved when she had given birth to a girl named Persephone, but she wouldn't be surprised if he were to pressure her to have more children for an eventual heir. A few years later, Glykeria had given birth to another child, a daughter named Hecate. Akeldama began to wonder why she was only birthing girls once Glykeria had given birth to a set of identical twins that were girls. Wouldn't she have had a son anyway by now? She did some research to help figure out this problem for her dear friend only to find out that she was cursed to not produce any heirs and that the curse was unable to be removed which only made Glykeria fearful to the possibility that her daughters may become barren.

A while later, the council had been established as a way to set up a code of law for all vampires and to help keep things in order as the vampire king at the time, Alucard's father, had been unable to on his own. A few years prior to the council's formation, however, she had been elected to serve as a queen alongside him as a way to allow final decisions to become more balanced and more thought out. She couldn't believe she was given that much power and knew her parents would have been proud if they were still around to that day. When it came to the head of the council at that time, they had selected Glykeria's husband which was something she was reluctant to approve only to do so anyway due to the majority opinion.

As time went on, she found herself having less and less power when it came to decision making due to the council often making decisions without her and the king's input unless it was about a very serious issue. She was upset that the king had forced his son  to partake in a tournament that might cause him to die; Akeldama felt furious about the king's foolish actions. She was relieved when Alucard's life was spared and had won, however, he ended up killing his father as a result of it and immediately took his place as king. She had no clue what to think other than that karma had come to bite him in the ass.

She began to hear tales from her dear friend Glykeria about her unhappy marriage constantly wondering why her father had married her off to that awful man that doesn't love and respect her like a husband should and a man that only really loved one of their children. Eventually, Glykeria ended up having an affair with Alucard which didn't really come as much of a surprise to her as she knew Glykeria would try to find some sort of relief from her husband anyway she possibly could. When she had heard from her about how she and Alucard had managed to conceive a child, Akeldama began to worry about what her friend's husband would think knowing how he was.

Once Esmeralda had been born, there was an immediate tension in the household and Akeldama could tell. She felt afraid that Es' half-sisters wouldn't love her just due to having a different father which seemed most apparent in Hecate who, a couple years later, expressed desire for her to be dead. Less than two years after she was born, Hydra had come into the world also as a result of the affair between her dear friend and her fellow ruler. The first time she saw the child, she could tell one of Alucard's worst traits had been inherited even if the others weren't unable to: uncontrollable bloodthirst. That revelation had made her fearful for Hydra's safety around that man who her dear friend was forced to call her husband.

Akeldama had watched as the council slowly grew more corrupt. She had regretted choosing the Lam patriarch to be the head since day one. She didn't understand why he had her and Alucard's say in things be decreased. Was he on some sort of power trip? She had started to observe the council's discussions from afar noticing how they were often doing things that were to work  into their favor. That fact had made her upset as she thought the council was to help the people. Akeldama felt too depressed to even see all the decisions they were making and ran off to Egypt or a while to try to not be reminded of it for a while.

A couple of centuries later, she had returned and immediately went to visit her friend. Akeldama had caught up with Glykeria on things an found out how rough things were getting in the home and ended up having to comfort her cries about how her husband wanted Esmeralda and Hydra, mainly Hydra, dead. She began to observe all the daughters and saw that the two were very close to each other. Remembering Hydra's bloodlust, she asked Glykeria how her daughter had been coping with it only to get a confused response. Then, it hit her. The bloodlust must be dormant. That fact frightened her as it could come out with a vengeance at any possible moment.

It was the medieval times; things had changed worldwide since ancient times. Of course, the corrupted ways of the vampire council didn't. Just a few centuries prior, she and Alucard had enlisted another person to serve as a vampire queen with her as a way to try to get more power over the council to end their shady practices. They had restarted up the tournament where young vampires fought to the death. She heard Esmeralda's name be called for selection. Akeldama was frightened; she had a feeling Esmeralda would most likely end up dead if she were to end up dead. To her surprise, a soft voice had roared from the large crowd; it was Hydra volunteering for her. She had no clue if Hydra would end up winning just like her father, but she admired the fact that she would do anything if it meant keeping her loved ones safe. When she watched witnessing Hydra nearly die, her heart broke into peaces constantly consoling Esmeralda in case her sister's life was going to end. She didn't want that bastard's wish to come true nor did she want Esmeralda to lose the closest family member she ever had outside of her mother.

After Hydra had won the tournament, she could tell something bad was going to happen. Glykeria became worried for Esmeralda's safety in the home due to things becoming rougher as Hydra didn't die like her husband had hoped she would. She ended up having Akeldama take her in just to be on the safe side as she didn't want her husband, if he could be called that, to lay a finger on her. When she had gotten the news of Hydra slaughtering entire villages to protest the tournament, Akeldama began to feel as though her uncontrollable bloodthirst ended up being worse than Alucard's which had worried her. For a while, she wasn't allowed to check on Hydra due to Glykeria's husband, so she had to mainly focus on making sure that Esmeralda was doing well in a healthy environment she suddenly found herself trying to provide. For a while, she hadn't heard anything in regards to Hydra because she had ran off somewhere. It turned out years later that she met some guy, got married, and had his kid.

A couple centuries later, Akeldama had gotten news from Glykeria about her husband arranging a marriage for Hydra as a way to try to control her. At that time, Esmeralda was back at home, so she didn't really have anybody to take care of. Just shortly after she had first learned of Hydra's arranged marriage, she had been told that she was expecting a child with her second husband that ended up being a boy named Derek. Things were surprisingly calm, in her opinion, for a few years in regards to that marriage as she was going off of what Esmeralda had been saying about her when she had taken her in. Eventually, news had broken out about Hydra brutally killing her husband with her child being who knows where with her nowhere to be found. She began to blame the corruptness of Glykeria's husband as to why Hydra had went on a rampage fueled by her uncontrollable bloodthirst for the second time in a millennia.  

Due to Alucard often going place to place under different names, Akeldama found it a necessity to appoint somebody as the other vampire king to assist in his absence as it was mainly just her and the other vampire queen. Although she was honestly quite reluctant at first, they ended up choosing a medieval vampire by the name of Artoym Azarov as the other vampire king with them ruling as four, well, mainly three. Not wanting Esmeralda to end up feeling too alienated from her family despite Glykeria trying to provide for her the best she could under her husband's pressure, she decided to offer to be her mentor as a way to keep her safe from her mother's husband and to make sure she tries to get the healthiest environment possible.

She began to think of Esmeralda as like a daughter after being accustomed to her fully living with her. Glykeria was thankful that Akeldama had given her daughter such an offer due to how rough the home was along with the fact there wasn't really any sister there that she was close to. As the years began to go by, she had opted to mainly live low key to be able to help people the best she can while dealing with evil in the world that is constantly lurking.

Family History: Akeldama doesn't have much of a family history which is mainly due to a lack of real record keeping regarding them. Thanks to the lack of any real records, many things are unknown about them such as their origin. The only living member is Akeldama.

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Post by Akeldama Soyinka on Fri Jul 15, 2016 3:06 pm

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