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Malachi Atlas

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Malachi Atlas Empty Malachi Atlas

Post by Malachi Atlas on Fri Jul 15, 2016 8:17 pm

Malachi Atlas  ( image goes here )

The Basics
Name: Malachi Lugh Atlas
Nicknames: Mal
Age: 28
Blood Status: Halfblood
Hometown: Egypt 
Current Home: Norway
Nationality: Egyptian 
School: Durmstrang
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wand: 11", Poplar wood, Unicorn hair and Manticore hair, Inflexible. Malachi's wand is a dark colour, close to black if it weren't for the red ash colour whenever the light hits it. In the hilt of the wand, there is a sharp blade hidden within it that is actually made out of dragon bone. The same kind of his bow and arrow is made out of.

Hair Color: Dark brown
Hair Style: short
Eye Color: Light blue/ hazel
Body Type: Muscular, lean,
Height: 5'7
Other Distinguishing Features: Scar along his left eye
Clothing Style: V necks, hoodies (Likes to stay hidden), anything to hide weapons. Likes the occasional suit.

Likes: being hidden, weapons, fighting, killing, hacking
Dislikes: Being told no, being in crowds, idiots
Weaknesses: Family, honesty, Dogs
Strengths: Photographic and eidetic memory, hes respectful,persuasive, determined, is an amazing hacker.
Positive Traits: Fearless, intelligent, straightforward
Negative Traits: Can be quite emotionless, reckless, bad temper.


Father's Name: Gaviel Atlas
Age: 47
Blood Status/Species: Half blood
Occupation: Ministry - Beast division 
Status: Deceased

Mother's Name: Iris Atlas nee Necate
Age: 45
Blood Status/Species: Half blood
Occupation: Princess of Egypt
Status: Living - No longer married to Gaviel

Siblings Pandora Atlas, 26, Halfblood, Assassin, Living - Sister

Children: N/A

Spouses/Partners: N/A

Pets: N/A

Other Key Members: N/A 

History: Malachi was born in the blazing heat of Egypt but at the age of six, was flown to Norway so his father could work for the Ministry. He could actually pinpoint the time his mother began to hate his father, it was the day they flew to Norway with a six year old and a four year old who couldn't stop crying about leaving her home and his mother began to express her dislike to leaving, wanting to stay with her family, the Royal family and let her children grow up in the wonders of their home but his father slapped her across the face behind the airport where no one could see. At the day, Malachi himself began to hate his father for the pain he caused his mother.

Over time, Malachi became more and more distant to his father as he refused to show his little sister the care and attention she needed so he became the best brother he could be for his sister whilst his mother drank away her sorrows and his father worked away his dislike towards his family. They did not hide their distaste for one another and if you walked past their house, you would often hear his father shout at his mother for crying about how they were no longer in their home. Malachi got into Durmstrang, Khitrost being his house just like his little sister two years later and he taught her everything he knows. He was at the top of his class, his sister being the same in her own as she knew things they hadn't even learned yet and when Malachi graduated, it wasn't as happy as he wanted to be.

That day his father refused to show up. He refused to go to the graduation for reasons he still didn't know and his mother only cried, her body battered and bruised from the beating she recieved the night before and Malachi had no idea about it. He rushed home, his body filled with a white hot anger that he had never felt before and unleashed it all onto his father, using the blade that he had in his wand to cut his throat. Due to his mother's bruising's and Malachi's which he had actually gotten from Durmstrang, Aurors put it down as self defence and was on their way. Malachi disappeared after that, finding himself...expressionless at the fact he had murdered his own father and knew his mother would rush back home to her family for comfort and his own sister would follow, having always preferred the comfort to Egypt than his company.

Within those years, almost over ten years ago, Malachi had became an assassin and had taught himself how to use Muggle technology, finding that he had quite the gift when it came to hacking and took it up. He became incredibly skilled, being able to hack into the strongest systems in the world without any detection and now he hid within the Assassins, waiting for his time to strike.

Family History: The Atlas family is dysfunctional to say the least, Malachi's father murdered and the rest of his family in Egypt whilst he travels around, killing for contracts. His mother side of the family are Royals, Malachi having refused his right to the throne and passed it onto his sister, finding that being in the shadows is his favourite place to be. 

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Malachi Atlas
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Malachi Atlas Empty Re: Malachi Atlas

Post by Cernunnos Largo on Fri Jul 15, 2016 9:14 pm

Malachi Atlas Tomaccepted
Cernunnos Largo
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6th year
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