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Who's Who of TOM

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Who's Who of TOM

Post by Archer Jameson on Mon Jan 23, 2017 9:41 pm

Hey guys so to keep track of the member base, I am addding this thread to let everyone know the who's who of TOM. So that when your roleplaying you know which handler is which. And due to us being a family here feel to tell us a little bit about yourself. Since we want to to know you and all you gotta do is put your name and list your characters. And tell us a bit about who you are.


My name is Katie Une, which was given to me as a way to not get my name confused with someone elses, meaning so we know who is which. But besides that I am sixteen years old and my birthday is on January 2 so it already passed unfortunately. I been roleplaying for about five years going on six years since I started in the fifth grade and have been roleplaying ever since. Writing is my favorite hobby, so if I am not roleplaying I am on wattpad writing books.

Besides my love to write, I am a cheerleader and swimmer, both being my favorite sports. And I am a sophomore in high school, with favorite subjects being History and English. My interests though go with writing and reading, and being lazy and watching Netflix. Favorite shows being Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, Girl Meets World, The Fosters, Vampire Diaries, The Flash, etc. You name it I probably watch it.

And my favorite book series is Harry Potter, and holds the number one spot followed by Percy Jackson, Divergent etc. I am a disney fan it was my childhood favorite growing up and that is me. I am always up for plotting and if you want contact me via skype or pm I will answer both. And now here are my minions.

Archer Jameson
Rhea Calligaris
Nicholas Kennedy
Gabriel Voclain
Cole Princeton
Esther Vassos
Tatum Brooks
Alec Leventis
Rodion Vasiliev
Bianca Sokolov
Madison Shaw
Autumn Shaw
Ezekiel Chekov
Alexei Chekov
Cora Shaw
Tessa Shaw
Silas Shaw
Atticus Shaw
Ezra Shaw
Albus Potter
Lorcan Scamander
Nina Kozlov
Hercules Gaunt
Stella Black
Orpheus Black
Nebula Black
Melanie Kennedy
Dylan Foxx
Skylar Nott
Cressida Malfoy
Garrett Valois
Audrey Valois
Ryder Yates
more to be added.

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Re: Who's Who of TOM

Post by Nova Black on Tue Jan 24, 2017 7:53 pm

Katie Duex

I am Katie Deux. I was given the name so that I wouldn't confuse anyone. I have been role- playing for about 15 years. ( i feel like getting old). I am a lawn and garden associate at Walmart. I was different and didn't start reading Harry Potter till I was a junior in High School. Also, I have a passion for beauty pageants and singing.

Tessa Grey
Nova Black
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Re: Who's Who of TOM

Post by Cassiopeia Malfoy on Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:13 pm


Well Krissu is one of my nicknames. I'm also known as Kriss, Kissu or Kiss. So you can see me being called at least one of these four around here. Anyways i'm about 23 years old. I have actually rped only for 4years soon. Not that long but still I'm good at it. I started it in Estonian, which is my first language but now lately I'm doing it mostly in English. Also my English has improved very much bec of forum rps.

Anyways I love to read, rp in forums, play video games. Even if I should more focus on finding a job for myself since college/universities aren't for me currently. I just can't focus enough in them. Won't go details why. Also haven't exactly  figured what I wanna do in future.

My kiddos here are:
Cassiopeia Malfoy
Carmen Santiago
Rose Weasley
Lily L. Potter
Andrew Jameson
Ryan Valois
Gabriella Voclain
Asher Nott
Gaston Shaw
Isabella Shaw
Derek Slyherin
Lakeesha Miller
Lizzie Night
Ashleigh Parker
Elijah Carson
Delaney Mistholm
Adeline Levesque
Victorie Rhodes
Ciara McGee

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Re: Who's Who of TOM

Post by Celia Rosanna on Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:07 pm


HAI! Haha, I'm Becca or Rebecca or Rebecca-Lynn or Bec or Becky or Lynn. Haha, I have a ton of nicknames so call me whatever the damn heck you want Very Happy But yes I've been making my way around different rp forums for about five years now. Oh yeah and I'm also 16! (Well on February 26 I will be 16)

But yes I love anything, from drama to romance to any sort of plots so if you want to plot with me just hit me up Very Happy.

My characters are;

Celia Rosanna
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Re: Who's Who of TOM

Post by Sponsored content

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