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Darkness At It's Finest ( Open )

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Darkness At It's Finest ( Open ) Empty Darkness At It's Finest ( Open )

Post by Tristan Lestrange on Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:08 pm

to save myself from
the monstrosity of living

Tristan had been finding someway to spend his summer away from home. Since his father was not helping with being extremely overbearing. Due to him encouraging Tristan to become a prodigy and uphold the family's tradition of becoming a death eater. Making him being forced to do it against his will, as he decided to spend his night in the woods. A place that maybe could bring him joy as he walked into the forest looking for some sort of place to spend his time.

Knowing his father would have so much dismay for it. The fifteen year old walked the forest as he listened to see if he could hear any footsteps. The Slytherin watched for a moment as he decided maybe he could find some sort of fun. As he found a stump, and knowing he had no one here to stop him he thought about finding some sort of alcohol to drink his night away in the forest. Or something to pass his time by as he had his phone on his something muggle his father let him have.

Due to him putting the sad face of everyone has it and he wanted to fit in. As he turned on his phone to see if he had any text messages. Seeing some he quickly went back to writing back he proceeded to find his way to a tree which he began climbing as he wanted to spend his time there. Taking a seat as he looked on social media looking around the forest.

Curious to see who would make there way to the forest tonight.

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Darkness At It's Finest ( Open ) Empty Re: Darkness At It's Finest ( Open )

Post by Lizzie Night on Thu Feb 02, 2017 12:55 pm

Lizzie had actually been back in England for awhile and now was wondering what she should do here. To be honest she never stays anywhere very long time. She just doesn't seem to fit anywhere. Also whenever she works for awhile then people began to ask the question how she looks so young and so on. Not everyone can know she Vampire actually. So this makes things harder for her.

So she somehow ended up walking into the forest. It was one of those places where barely someone went or asked some stupid questions from her. Also actually she needed to eat some blood. She did drink blood from animals or then used those blood packs. She never did drink blood from humans since she didn't wanna hurt anyone really. Also, blood was another reason why she was in the forest today. She wasn't that hungry that she will kill someone when she sees the person but it might happen.

She kept walking and same time looked around her for some animals who would be good enough to for blood drinking. She never hunted rabbits, they were too small.

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