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In A World of Books ( Open )

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In A World of Books ( Open ) Empty In A World of Books ( Open )

Post by Audrey Valois on Wed Feb 01, 2017 10:11 pm

Audrey had disliked the idea of having to go back to Hogwarts, mainly because she had decided to take the idea and actually put her studies first for a change. Instead of using her free time to flirt with boys or find some sort of attraction to them which was the truth. Walking with her arms crossed dressed in a pair of shorts, a vans tank top, and a pair of black hightop vans. As she had been a girl who dressed casual, and she was not going to dress like the normal wizard either.

She liked her casual clothing, and she had pair of sunglasses on her head. As she walked down the streets of Diagon Alley with her phone in her hand. As she had been with her parents who went off with her two brothers and their she was annoyed. The sixteen year old then came across Flourish and Blotts as she entered the shop saying hello to people she saw.

One thing was true about Audrey, she was very nice. And that was not a lie she knew how to make others smile and manipulate them if she had to. Mainly because her mother taught her too, and one thing she would never be and that was depressed, since she found no joy in hating life, when life was filled with living and she soon found herself the NEWTS section, as she saw some older boys she smiled at and took a book off the shelf.

As she soon went to one of the beanie chairs in the shop, she had took a seat as she began reading. Not caring if someone ran into her, all she cared about was getting through her last two years with decent grades and not poor grades as she began reading.
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