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So Called Family for Carmen

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So Called Family for Carmen Empty So Called Family for Carmen

Post by Carmen Santiago on Fri Feb 10, 2017 1:34 am

Hey! Well Carmen has family but it's pretty complicated. Well her father hates her because her mother was one nightstand who ended up being muggleborn awhile her father as pureblood which makes Carmen to be halfblood but very few know that since no one really doesn't seem to know who Carmen really is.
Santiago family is supposed to be pureblood and she is actually first kind of known halfblood soonish.

Anyways her father:
His name is Ricardo Santiago (Can be changed if wanted). He is around 40 years old and is probably working as Auror. Should be living in France currently, not in England for sure. He is supposed to Carmen's current guardian but they aren't on speaking terms really. He is her guardian because he is closest family member Car has after her grandma death. His history expect sleeping with Carmen 17 years ago is up to taker (Yes Carmen will be 7th year this year in Hogwarts)

Her half-brother:
His name is supposed to be William Santiago and he is pureblood. He is 2 years younger than Carmen and has no idea that Carmen is actually his half-sister. He was going all his 4 years to the Beauxbatons but since it doesn't basically exist right now here then well we can make him go to Hogwarts now in his 5th year. This could be where they meet for first time ever and learn who they are. Carmen knows actually that she has half-brother who she has never met. Oh how Will did grow up exactly is up to you and personality.

Step Mother:
Agnes Santiago (nee Dewlish) is her step mother who girl has never ever even met yet. He is mother of William. Pureblood and is probably working as Healer or some other job like this in French. Anyways is up to you about her history and so on. Oh and she is supposed to be around 33-40 years old.

Plot ideas:
1) They could find out that Carmen is pregnant. It's up to you what is your choosen char reaction for it.
2) Probably her father doesn't wanna do anything with her even more, he will find her disgrace do the family even more, so he would ask her to changer last name to her mothes.

I'm sure if we can discuss it we can come up with more ideas for the plots.
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