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Ajax Avery

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Ajax Avery Empty Ajax Avery

Post by Ajax Avery on Sat Jul 02, 2016 6:43 pm

Ajax Avery  ( image goes here )
The Basics
Name: Ajax Avery
Nicknames: (None - He hates Nicknames.
Age: 17
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: Oxford
Current Home: Durmstrang
Nationality: British
School: Durmstrang
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wand:Cypress, Basilisk Skin with Griffin Claw, 12", inflexible. Ajax's wand is black handled but as it goes closer to the tip, turns into an ash brown and then the tip is scarlet red, as if it has been dipped in blood. The handle looks like the head of a Raven, its red eyes sharp and bright whenever a spell is cast. It has a few runes near the start of the handle, simple runes for power and protection.

Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Slightly long, curled at the ends.
Eye Color: Emerald Green, mix of blue.
Body Type: Muscular
Height: 6'1
Other Distinguishing Features: The dent in his cheek, the scar on his eye and a burn like mark on his back like his twin has
Clothing Style: V neck shirts (black and white only), likes a good suit but only on special occasions, the occasional woollen jumper. Leather jackets are a must.


Likes: Blood, fighting, books, his family, smoking
Dislikes: Idiots, gossip, desperation, needy people
Weaknesses: His twin sister Harlow, blood and smoking
Strengths: Very intelligent, quick thinker, great fighter, manipulative, photographic memory
Positive Traits: When he loves, he loves, he's protective, caring when he wants to be (Although rarely)
Negative Traits: His bad temper, he can be really aggressive, smug

Father's Name: Atticus Avery
Age: 38
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Ministry Staff.
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Hecate Avery
Age: 35
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Also Ministry Staff.
Status: Living

Twin sister: Harlow Avery, 17, Pureblood, Student at Durmstrang, Living
Brother: Ares Avery, 15, Pureblood, Student at Durmstrang, Living
Sister: Harmonia Avery, 13, Pureblood, Student at Durmstrang, Living

Children: N/A
Spouses/Partners: N/A
Pets: Archimedes - Eurasian Eagle Owl - Living
Other Key Members: N/A

History: His mother doesn't remember the twin's birth, being so incredibly delirious from what drugs their father had given her. To her, it felt like falling asleep and then waking up to the feeling of two babies being placed in her arms but Atticus remembers it differently. His wife woke him up in the middle of the night, blood in between her thighs and she wailed, screaming like a banshee and all he could feel was panic, injecting her with a drug to made her delirious so she was still able to push out their beautiful children. It was in that moment Atticus noticed the burn like marks on his children, a reminder that they had tried to remove the babies as they were only young and newly in love. They had gone to a witch doctor who had given them a herbal brew that would kill off the children but it did not work, not matter how many doses despite having seen it work on other people. The witch doctor then refused to give them anymore, claiming the children were now touched by death and would always carry the mark that death followed them.

Ajax and Harlow always had an affinity for the darker arts, potions and ancient runes and magic. Loving the feel of such powerful magic coursing through their veins but when their youngest sibling, Harmonia, kept muttering at the sweet old age of four that they were touched by Death whenever they were in the room, they were finally told about the situation when they were born. Whilst Atticus had wanted them, it was their mother that wanted rid of them, mainly because she didn't love their father that much. This formed a bond between the twins and their father, who began training them in the darker arts and the use of weapons. He showed them his love of cannibalism and they formed their own love of it, it being a secret to their younger siblings and mother, who they haven't spoken to since.

Receiving their letters for Durmstrang was a dream come true when they were eleven, having believed they were ready the moment they were born. Ajax and Harlow were joined at the hip, you'd always being able to find Ajax with his arm around Harlow's shoulder to show his possessive nature. In class, they'd be partners in everything and Ajax was clearly the more stronger one of the pair, always taking her down in Dueling class but his sister did beat him when it came to potions, but he was close behind. Now in their seventh year, Ajax and Harlow are excited to leave to cause chaos in the muggle realm, or even in the wizarding world.

Family History: The Avery family is a pureblood family name, one that is on the Sacred Twenty Eight. Whilst the Avery family are traditionally Hogwarts, the last generation (Ajax and Harlow) ventured out to Durmstrang after some of the members of their family were death eaters. Whilst not wanting that on their backs, they do prefer the dark arts and believed Durmstrang would be more fitting. One of their family members had been a close friend to Tom Riddle's and another a friend of Severus Snape's, working very closely to the Death Eaters. Some Scholars believed that their named derived from Every, a county in Normandy but no one truly knows the actual founding of this family.

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Something wicked this way comes.
Ajax Avery
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Ajax Avery Empty Re: Ajax Avery

Post by Ajax Avery on Sat Jul 02, 2016 6:54 pm

Ajax Avery Tomaccepted

Ajax Avery Tumblr_lvliy0wDgv1qdre93o1_500
Something wicked this way comes.
Ajax Avery
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