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Take Your Best Shot Chekov Brothers

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Take Your Best Shot Chekov Brothers Empty Take Your Best Shot Chekov Brothers

Post by Lucifer Chekov on Sat Feb 04, 2017 11:28 am

Luc groaned when he felt the silver on his wrists it burned. He tried to pull himself up but was stuck as every time he moved he felt the burns of the silver. He was helpless he had finally got what was coming for him after years of running. Though He knew that eventually he would be out though he didn't know when. He just had faith that he would escape. Kneeling on his knees he looked around his cell he knew he was in the Chekov manor the very place he did not want to be though he still had no idea how he ended up there.

As his eyes adjusted to the low light he heard footsteps several yards away though he knew they were heading to see him. His body relaxed as he waited for which ever of his scum brothers to show up. He honestly hated both of them and well he was outcasted as he wouldn't join the death eaters like the rest of his family so he took off as he knew he would of been dead if stayed in the manor. Along the way he triggered a gene he didn't know he had this turned him into a hybrid.

His greatest regret was turning the current Headmistress of Hogwarts into a hybrid he was sure she was involved with his brothers some how though he did not know she was actually a Death Eater herself. His eyes focused on the door of his cell in the torture chambers waiting for his brother or brothers who wanted to try once again to make him join them. Though he was sure Lex would want him to turn him into a hybrid. Though he was not going to give into his brothers not this time. Not ever.

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Take Your Best Shot Chekov Brothers Empty Re: Take Your Best Shot Chekov Brothers

Post by Alexei Chekov on Sat Feb 04, 2017 11:44 am

Lex had been thrilled when he got the news from Ezekiel that his little kid brother, well more like his younger brother had been brought to the dungeon. As Lex began walking down the steps followed by Ezekiel who had been dressed in a black suit, with a tie on. Leading him to roll his eyes as he caught a glance at his older brother and he said. " We can sure thank Cora for bringing Lucifer here. " said Lex as they walked the corridors of the manor.

Leading him to soon arrive in the dungeon where Ezekiel said behind him. " You can do anything you want to Lucifer. But let's avoid the idea of killing. Since that does not mean anything good for our name if we kill our little hybrid brother. " said Ezekiel sternly to Lex. Lex tossed a glare at his brother, as he said. " Ezekiel do not tell me what to do whatsoever. I wouldn't kill Lucifer to begin with, since he is our brother and he knew for a second as he entered the torture chamber.

" Why hello there little brother? Hope your making up fine residence in our family's dear dungeon, well more like ours since our parents would be furious to find out we captured you. " said Lex tauntly as Ezekiel soon looked, and he said " It's great to see you little brother, hope your lovely long hiatus or whatever is was had been worth your time. " smiled Ezekiel.

Lex soon walked closely to his brother, " Hope you didn't leave anything behind. Since I doubt you would be stupid enough to try to escape us. " said Lex sternly as he looked back at Ezekiel who gave him a smile, as he said. " Am I the one doing all the torturing Ezekiel? Or are you going to assist me. " said Lex with a stern voice. As Ezekiel looked, and said. " Gladly. " said Ezekiel walking over.

" You can thank your boss for why your here. Since we recieved some interesting information, on a possible love interest for you. " said Ezekiel with a smile on his face. " Care to explain why you didn't tell us you found someone. " said Ezekiel.

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