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Unnamed Miscreants ( Open )

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Unnamed Miscreants ( Open ) Empty Unnamed Miscreants ( Open )

Post by Colin Grindelwald on Wed Feb 01, 2017 8:52 pm

Colin had loved the summer since it meant he would not have to deal with being in school, and dealing with his peers. And he could spend his days not being bothered, and he had just wanted to be away from everything as he had been walking down the streets of Sokolov Alley. Looking in each of the shops as he hoped he could find some sort of pub he could drink at even if it meant lying about his age. The sixteen year old had his hands in his jacket pockets, with his hood over his head.

His father had been too much of an alcoholic too even bother with his parenting duties. And it all stemmed from his feeling like their family name was digraced. And his father taken the idea of having power too much to his head. Leaving Colin stuck with no parenting figure to look to as he came across Black Bane Tavern which he stepped in as he soon took a seat at one of the tables.

As he looked, and he looked, at a waiter that came up to him. " Could I have a water or something. " as he had decided to try something healthy that did not involve drinking or anything under the catergory of drinking as he sat back and waited for his water arrived as it soon came and he quickly took a sip of it looking around the tavern, he waited to see what would happen.
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Unnamed Miscreants ( Open ) Empty Re: Unnamed Miscreants ( Open )

Post by Kat Rogue on Wed Feb 01, 2017 9:39 pm

Kat had been exploring Solokov valley after spending the day with her brother, behind her parents back of course. She entered the black bane tavern and sat down "can I get a water please" she said to the bar man who gave her the drink. She smiled and sipped the drink before looking around and her eyes landed on a man with blonde hair and the most interesting eyes
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